The Gyatoen Essay, Art & Memorization Competition

The Gyatoen Essay, Art & Memorization Competition

Organizer: Tibet Foundation, UK

Funding: Tise Foundation, USA

Why these competitions?

Untitled-12015 is the 80 Th birthday of HH the Dalai Lama, patron of Tibet Foundation, UK and the 30 th anniversary of our charity. Through these 30 years we have been working for the Tibetan people in the areas of health, education, culture, arts and development. See:

Our essay competition gives senior students an opportunity to study Tibetan history and to learn how to write critical essays, express their views and aspirations for the future. The Art competition is intended to inspire students to express their perspectives of their own identity, sense of elonging, cultural facets,geographical environment and deep felt emotions in creative ways in art and colour. The memorization competition is to encourage all students to memorize and learn the essence of the rules of Tibetan grammar as a basis for improving their standard in Tibetan language.The reward system is based on the principle that instead of rewarding only the high achievers,

competitions like these should encourage team spirit, mutual help, sharing expertise and resources, and equal opportunity for fast and slow learners. Thus the prizes for the Art and Essay competitions are to be shared between the individual winner and his or her classmates, and the prize for the Memorization competition is awarded to the whole class.

Categories of Competitions and Prizes to be won on Nov 20, 2015

Essay : Class: X, XI and XII 3 top prizes of Rs. 20,000 each (one each from Class X, XI, XII)

Art: Class: X, XI and XII 3 top prizes of Rs. 20,000 each (any class level)

Memorization: Class: VII, VIII, IX

6 lucky classes (2 from VII, 2 from VIII and 2 from IX) selected by a lottery draw to get between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 each depending on class size and the individual performance in the Oral Test of one student selected randomly from the Class list of the 6 lucky

Classes. Prizes according to Class size: More than 21 students Rs. 20,000 and for 20 students or fewer Rs.15,000

FIVE Organizing and Selection Committees to win:= Rs. 20,000 each

A lottery draw in which your Committee could win the cash award as a token of our appreciation and

thanks for encouraging and supporting you students to participate in these competitions.

Maybe your students too can win honours for your school in the three competitions.


Registration: Schools should register their decision to participate in all or any one of the competitions by filling the Registration form before 30 th July 2015 , with a list of the names of their Organizing and Selection Committee Members (OSC). Essays and Art work:

Students start planning from June and submit completed Essays and Art work to the Organizing and Selection Committee (OSC) by 30th August, 2015 . The top 5 essays and the top 5 Art works selected by the OSC should be submitted before 30th Sept 2015 . (Essays in word doc and PDF by email whereas the 5 Art Works by post). Memorization: All the participating classes – VII, VIII and IX – to be given printed copies of the root texts of Legs bshad ljon dbang and Dka’ gnas sel ba’i me long . These can be downloaded from http://www.tibet Hold the 3-hour written tests of the two Memorization Texts on 2nd Oct , the national Gandhi Jayanti holiday, or on a suitable day in that week.

A Class gets automatically disqualified from reaching the Lottery Round if any ONE student from their class has made more than 21 spelling errors . All the other classes, in which students have made less than 20 spelling errors qualify to the Lottery Round. The OSC will prepare the Marks Sheet the Memorization Tests and send the Results either by online submission (preferred), or by email to by 30th Oct 2015

.The hard copies of the Written Memorization Test papers must be retained for inspection until 10th Dec after which they can be disposed of. After the names of 6 classes (2 + 2 + 2 from Classes VII, VIII and IX) are randomly selected through a lottery draw, Tibet Foundation will pick the name of one student from each of the six classes for an Oral Test of the Memorization Texts via Skype arranged with the Chairman of the Organizing and Selection Committee at a mutually agreeable date and time. If the student randomly selected to represent his/her class performs well, the full Prize for the class will be won. If he/she performs poorly, the class will be offered only half the total Prize. This is to ensure that all members of the class memorize the two texts well and be prepared to represent their Class, if destiny calls. All lottery draws and announcements of the Prize winners will be done on Fri 20th Nov 2015 on the occasion of the 30th Founding Anniversary of Tibet Foundation, UK.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the Winners of the Prizes receive their monies by 10th Dec. 2015 through their School office. The Prize money is to be shared only among the members of the particular class whose name got drawn in the lottery.

Tibet Foundation, UK
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Phone: 0044 020 7930 6001

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