Czech Republic Supports Effective Dialogue on Tibet

“The solution of the situation in Tibet should come out of the conclusion of that dialogue. Such a political solution of the rights of the Tibetan people that would reflect interests and wishes of the Tibetans and their cultural and religious identity,” declared the resolution passed during a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee on 19 March.

The resolution was recommended by the committee meeting chaired by Martin Bursik, vice-premier and minister of environment, Tomás Pojar, first-minister of foreign affairs and Katerina Jacques, member of Parliament and rapporteur on Tibet.

The deputies request the government of the People’s Republic of China to enable access to representatives of the United Nations and world media to Tibet.

They appealed to the Chinese government to allow members of the Red Cross to help Tibetans injured during the peaceful demonstrations in Tibet.

The Chamber of Deputies – due to the tragic experiences with political trials in Czechoslovakia and after the rehabilitation of Czech political prisoners in the ’90s of the last century – insists on the release and rehabilitation of all citizens who were punished for claiming their political opinions or religious belief and for realising their inalienable rights.

The deputies appeal to all its representatives to actively defend human rights of the people of China and Tibet Autonomous Region during all international proceedings.

-Report filed by the Office of Tibet, Geneva

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