Two monks are compelled to commit suicide

Therefore, both the master and disciple were continuously harassed and oppressed by Chinese police and government for long time, and finally, the master was compelled to hang himself in the monastery. Yang-pa Kachen Lochoe had published the Jangchub-Semkyi-Drelwa-Rinchen-Dronme in the year 2007 but he was too harassed and oppressed by Chinese government because the source of the above mentioned Buddhist Commentary was from exile Tibetan society and they charged him having political intention behind publishing that commentary. He too couldn’t tolerate that continuous harassment and oppression and finally, hanged himself at one of his relatives’ house on November 4, 2007. The cause of their suicide didn’t start recently but it happened since the event of searching the reincarnation of Panchen Lama in the year 1994. Both the monks had many disciples and they were loved and respected by many devoted Tibetans. Since that year, both the monks were pinching thorns in the eyes of Chinese police and government and as a result, they were continuously harassed and oppressed by Chinese.

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༡༤༢ ཀློག་གྲངས།