Dalai Lama begins teachings for “Korean Dharma friends”:

The revered Tibetan spiritual leader greeted the Korean group before giving teachings on Atisha’s Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment (Tib: jangchup lam kyi drolma). “I extend my greetings to our Korean Dharma friends,” he said.In his introductory talk, His Holiness referred to Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese Buddhists as senior followers of Buddha Dharma, and described Tibetans as junior followers, saying Buddhism flourished in Tibet at a later time. “So we (Tibetans Buddhists) are junior followers,” he said, adding “But we are all followers of same Buddha Dharma”.His Holiness specifically mentioned that Tibetan Buddhism was somehow linked to Korean Buddhism as Woncheuk is well-known among scholars of Tibetan Buddhism for his Commentary on the SaCdhinirmocana-sktra.The Dalai Lama said Tibetans earlier thought the Commentary was work of a Chinese scholar since the Tibetan version of it was translated from Chinese text, but later found out it was actually a work of a Korean Buddhist monk. Some 3700 or more people attended the first day teaching. The attendees include Tibetan Buddhist monks, nuns and lay people, and some 300 Koreans and over 1400 visiting tourists, including some Chinese Buddhists. The teachings are scheduled to be held from 0900hr to 1130hr in the morning and from 1300hr to 1530hr in the afternoon. These teachings are being translated in Korean. Simultaneous translations in English, Chinese and Japanese are also made available on FM radio.

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