199: New Education Policy and the Tibetan race:

A New Education Policy has been decided by the 12th Cabinet of Exile government and that New Education Policy is still not implemented in all the TCV Schools. Not only that, after conclusion of the recent meeting of Tibetan Former Ministers, they have appeared in the Cabinet and it is heard from that period that Mrs. Jetsun Pema, younger sister of H.H.The Dalai Lama has firmly stated that the TCV Schools will not implement the New Education Policy of exile government. This is really very sad to hear such thing. This New Education Policy is the long cherished wish of H.H.The Dalai Lama. For instance, we’ll recall the excerpt from his speech given on 1985 June 23 during the third General Meeting of Education department, “…Initially let us teach all the subjects in Tibetan language to students till 5th or 6th standard and then it is very good if we gradually increase the number of higher standards to be taught in Tibetan language. Our students may face difficulty in appearing any exams in India, but we must find out the way. If we avoid any such new step with the fear of difficulty then that is useless. Whenever we take new step and face difficulty then our next step must be to find out the way to solve that difficulty. “ In fact the New Education Policy of Exile government of Tibet is definitely based on this long-cherished wish of His Holiness and that ought to be fulfilled.


Wide spread popular saying in the exile society, “Tibetan language will not feed so English must be taught”. But the number of unemployed graduates is increasing, so are they unemployed because of learning Tibetan language or are they unemployed even if they have learnt English language? The concerned heads of TCV School must give a clear answer to this. How any head of the school who personally don’t know the Tibetan language or don’t like the language can take the seeds of one country to that direction?  Therefore, everyone must keep in mind that the New Education Policy is indispensable for the continuous survival of our identity as a Tibetan.

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