An exclusive interview with Dr. Dawa Dolma

 Tibet Express (TE): What is the most difficult problem you are facing during your learning process in Mentsee-Khang?

Dr. Dawa Dolma (DDD): I have faced no less problems during my learning process here in Mentsee-Khang from 1969-2008 among which the most difficult problem I have been facing is the shortage of time. I spend the whole working hours to do my assigned duty in the office and in addition to that, being mother of four children, I ought to spend the remaining hours in all the household chores and to look after my children. Therefore, it is very difficult to get leisure time to do some self study at home. As a result, I felt like losing confidence whenever I am bestowed with higher responsibility. So I really face problem regarding the shortage of time.

 TE: What is your personal opinion regarding the Policies on Women Empowerment outlined by 13th Kashag?

DDD: Through this new policy of women empowerment outlined by the present 13th Kashag has clearly shown that the Tibetan women are not able to shoulder similar work to the male members. I wholeheartedly appreciate this policy of Kashag and I’ll try my best to cooperate and also pray to its success. By preaching equally to everyone irrespective of caste, colour, creed and gender, our Lord Buddha has already shown the equality of both the genders. Similarly, since from making the Tibetan society a democratic society by the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet  H.H.The Dalai Lama, if the Tibetan women are able then they can undertake any responsibility in the society without any discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, gender, economy, etc. But sometimes, being influenced by ideology and practice of the neighbouring countries, although being well educated some Tibetan women accept to live lives without attempting anything that is beyond the four walls of the family. For instance, they believe that the important decisions of the family should be taken by the male members of the family and the female members are regarded well-mannered if they take no role regarding these things which automatically reduces their power at home. Additonally, there are some parents who believe and consider that the daughters will do nothing in future except delivering babies, doing household chores and maintaining their respective homes and it is fact that this factor automatically hinders women to improve and broaden their knowledge and education level. At this juncture, I wholeheartedly appreciate and welcome the new policy of women empowerment outlined by the present Kashag. But simultenously it is essential for them to take serious thought that if the special seats of Members of Parliament, welfare officers, etc. are given to the female members of the society, it may prove as the factor to deteriorate the quality of women’s education and knowledge for they may struggle for right without any hardwork from their sides. So therefore, everyone must be careful about this.

 TE: How the women can enrich their knowledge and capability?

DDD: In my opinion, the most important step to enrich one’s knowledge is to choose the best ideologies and practices being implemented in every developed country. Generally if there is no any change in the people’s viewpoint towards women in Eastern countries, then it seems impossible to bring any reformation in women’s plight in these respective countries Initially, it is sole responsibility of all the parents to give equal treatment to their children without any discrimination of gender. After finding out the root cause of the number of female students being decreased in primary school and the concerned problem should be solved. Similarly, the female students should be financially supported to do their further studies. Due to their hardwork, ability and knowledge, when some ladies could reach higher posts in their respected departments, there are some conservative women who do not like them and do not cooperate in any endeavour which results into failure of some important tasks and this really happens everywhere which should be changed. These conservative women should be advised, guided and must be changed. It is very fact to mention here that the western countries like US are far developed and excell in many things compare to other nations and it is all because of the well cooperation and coordination between male and female citizens equally. Therefore, I request all the Tibetan women  not to waste time and must start to enrich and broaden their knowledge at early age and later everyone must have confidence and courage to undertake every assigned task equal to the male members in the family as well as in the society at large.

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