The 29th 2008 Beijing Olympic: Incompatible to its spirit and symbol

                                                                                Written by Kunga Gyaltsen in Tibetan and translated by Tenzin Pema

In order to bring good image in the heart of World people, China wore various masks of lies and finally hosted the 29th Summer Olympic Games in 2008. China has even created every symbol and slogan especially for this Olympic Games. The concerned Chinese officials have immensely spread many messages with the Summer Olympics emblem entitled “Dancing Beijing” and some of them are: Dancing Beijing is Chinese Seal. It has been openly publicized that it is engraved with commitment made to the Olympic Movement by a country that has 56 ethnic groups and a population of 1.3 billion, but it is very vivid that the minority groups including Tibetans have not made any commitment. If the Tibetans have unanimously made any commitment to the Olympic Movement then they must have agreed to the Olympic torch relay to Tibet. But on contrary, the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay to Tibet has wounded the hearts of Tibetans and they had never welcomed the torch on the soil of Tibet. Therefore, the Dancing Beijing couldn’t fulfil that message.

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Stipulated Time: 2008/08/08; 08:08:08


Tibet and its kind supporters have been waiting the year 2008 with great hope,

Wishes and aspirations embraced for some positive developments in Tibet Cause,

Offering alms to destitute and performing special prayers for fruitful result.

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196: Glance at the meeting of Former Tibetan Ministers:

There have been some meetings of Former Tibetan Ministers in the past years and was able to submit no less opinion to the contemporary Cabinet. Earlier in 2006, all Former Ministers had offered one long-life offerings to H.H.The Dalai Lama in accordance with 2006 Kalachakra and during that time,

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Founding day anniversary of the TYC:

On October 7, the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Dharamsala commemorated the 30th founding anniversary of the TYC. Ms. Dolma Gyari, the former member of TYC and the present Deputy Speaker of TPIE was the chief guest of the ceremonial function where she gave a remarkable speech related to the importance of the day.

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Earthquake at Dhamshung District:

According to the confirmed information given by a reliable source, there had been destructive earthquake of 6.6 at Ritcher scale at the border area of Nyemo district and Dhamshung district, where some nine people were dead and more than one hundred forty houses are destroyed.

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