New President of Pakistan:

According to the news released in different Medias, Pakistan People’s Party Co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari was elected as the next President of Pakistan after securing majority of votes in the presidential elections held in Islamabad on September 6.

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Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetan Situation by Some Chinese Intellectuals

1. At present the one-sided propaganda of the official Chinese media is having the effect of stirring up inter-ethnic animosity and aggravating an already tense situation. This is extremely detrimental to the long-term goal of safeguarding national unity. We call for such propaganda to be stopped.

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China: Crack down in Tibet away from the eye of the media in new violation of Olympics pledge:

On March 17 2008, Reporters Without Borders strongly condemned steps taken by Beijing to prevent media coverage of demonstrations and an ongoing crackdown in Tibet and in provinces where Tibetans live. Foreign journalists have been stopped from entering the province and tight censorship has been imposed on the Internet and in the Chinese press.

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Students stabbed and set alight

Mr Bonomo and his colleague were due to leave for France this month
Two French research students found stabbed to death following a flat fire had been bound and suffered horrific, excessive injuries, police have said.

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